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Well-being in your company

Corporate Services

In a time where well being should become the highest of our concerns, holisitc practices and self healing are coming into the spot light.

In our work environnement stress can easily appear creating tension around and in us, which minimise our efficiency.

Give the chance to your employees to feel taken care of and create a special bond between all of them.


Massages: 20min / 45min 

Full body massage is the perfect gift that we often don't allow for ourselves.

Its the best way to take care of yourself get instant peace and relief. 

Ayurvedic Dynamic massage, Polynesian relaxing massage, Back deep tissu massage, *Reflexology

(hands, feet, scalp), *Indian head massage. 

*can be done on chair

Yoga : 35min / 55min

Yoga classes are the best way to stretch, breathe and flow into the body. It will bring more awareness, focus and opening.

Yin Yoga (slow pace), Vinyasa Flow, Power Yoga (fast pace).

Mat Pilates : 35min/ 55min

Pilates inspired from yoga and contemporary dance is a way to strengthen your structure with your body weight. It will strengthen the deep muscles, which can help with posture, reeducation, and give mobility within the body. 

All level welcome.


Sound Bath relaxation : 20min / 40min

If you haven't tried , it's time to experience a unique meditation guided by the Sound of 7 Tibetan bowls. 

The bowls will allow your brain to reach a Theta state which is a extreme peaceful state. 

This is a wonderful way to just let go and reset by simply laying down and enjoying the sounds. 

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