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During my years of work, following women all around the world, trough their physical and mental well-being, I have realised one thing. How many of us have been suffering from sexual and physical abuse, and it's A LOT. 

While working with body therapy, I found their body screaming their hips closing up, their lower backs, inner thighs, hamstring being pulled in all directions, their sacral chakra being completely unbalanced.

For the one who doesn't know I have the ability trough my massages to connect to the cellular memory of the body and to see or feel past events in their life which today is still affecting their global well-being. 

Ways that sexual assault can affect the body is; 

- On an energetic level, disfunction of Sacral chakra which can involve; 

  When deficient, rigidity, frigidity in the body. Fear of sex, poor social skills, excessive boundaries, fear of change, Lack of desire, passion, excitement 

  When excess; Sexual addiction, excessive emotions, oversensitive, pour boundaries, seductive manipulation emotional dependency obsessive attachment. 

-On a physical level, constant pain around hips area, sciatic nerve. Unbalancement of your hips which can creat a fake shorter leg. Stomach issue linked to long term stress, breathing issue linked to congestion of heart, rib cage and solar plexus.

-On an emotional level, a constant fight or flight mode is activate, a deep fear anchor its roots within and a protective shield is created all around the person. Anger, sadness, fear, guilt, disgust can often be feel. Dissociation is also a very commun reaction of the mind and soul to cut from the pain of the physical body. 

As our brain is our main protector, it can sometimes cut scenes or memories to avoid us re-living an extremely hard and intense moment. But the body always knows and so does the subconscious. Dreams can be a heavy messenger, sensations and intuition. 

Every person can react in a completely different way, but what has always helped in each cases was opening up, talking, sharing, and slowly re-owning and empowering the physical temple which is our body. 


My technique of work and support is pairing ; 

Yoga; Gentle movement, to release the contracted cells, to reconnect with the body, re-creating self-love and a healthy relationship with ourselves.  

Breathwork; Gentle techniques to access the nervous system and slowly bringing down the shield created for protection. 

SoundBath and meditation; The frequencies of the bowl will affect on a cellular level, the meditation and visualisation will help to cut from fight or flight mode for a moment and re-calibrate the mind to feel safe and coming back to the present moment fearless

Planification of a daily release routine with adequate tools.

There is no contre-indication for any of those practices and it's a gentle way to process what ever has happened and re-empower yourself

There is moments in life where we can't afford professional support for help and well-being. But the pain is still here, everyday.

It is therefore a calling from the heart for me to be able to offer for FREE 60min Zoom session to the women who feel the call. Starting with a little chat, we create a session together including all the above techniques. 

Do not hesitate to reach out for any doubts, questions or inquiries !

Waiting for your message with love, 


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