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What We Heal


It is now proven stress causes 80% of illness disease and unbalance in the body, however to me 98%.
Stress and emotional trauma create a different chemical response into the brain, which can stay for longer than needed, prolonging the situation. Left for too long this chemical will cause discomfort and unease, dividing the cells into your body and create disease.

Stress can be caused by many different factors and what effects you, may not stress your neighbour. Dont compare yourself or try to fit into what is ‘normal’. Start listening to you, understand your body and whats triggers you.

Stress in your body:

• Headaches

• Muscle tension, such as a tight jaw Stomach cramps Diarrhoea

• Grinding or clenching

Stress in your mind:

• Anxiety and worry
• Over-eating or under-eating
• Anger and irritability
• Increase in drinking or drug use • Mood changes
• Depression and sadness
• Restlessness

• Sleep problems

• Tiredness and fatigue

• High blood pressure

• Changes in sex drive

Bring self awareness and wellbeing to the forefront and admire the rest of your issues slowly disappear.

Sleep disorders

Sleep disorder, insomnia: needs more serotonin, Sound Healing, breath-work, meditationSleeping disorders and insomnia can be mainly linked to stress, unbalanced life style or schedule. Sleep rules your day your mood and your health. Its very important to take it seriously and give yourself the necessary tools to improve it.
Breath will slow down the heart which will slow down the creation of cortisol and meditation put yourself into a rest and digest mode. No more fighting or being alert to anything. Regular sound- baths will foster falling asleep more easily by regulating the vibrations of your cells. Meditation will quiet the mind to put on hold processing what happened in the day or what will happen tomorrow. Over all putting yourself into a quieter mode to rest the mind and physical body.


Anxiety is caused by lack of serotonin. 

What can help? Sound Healing, breath-work, meditation, yoga, massage

Meditation in this case is to be guided and practice carefully. In some cases meditating can develop anxiety and create more space in your mind and into your self doubt. If it doesn’t feel confortable to you, start with gentle a practice of the above.
Anxiety can be created by various reasons. Anxious people are mainly very receptive to their environment, atmosphere, emotions of others, noises, light etc
These are also people would think a lot and create insecurities or feed fear and doubt within themselves.
When anxious we create a climate of fear and tension into the body. Massages will help relax the different epidermis of your skin, the sound healing will in a deeper level access your nervous system, breath-work will send a different message to your brain as your are in a safe space. Yoga will bring your focus into physical exercises which will calm the mind and coordinate the breath within it.

Social anxiety

Social anxiety is caused by lack of oxytocin.

What can help? Breath-work, sound healing, massage.

Social anxiety mainly can be linked to not feeling good with yourself, feeling threatened by the outside, feeling exposed or vulnerable.
The oxytocin hormones created by the brain help with social anxiety and is created within sexual activity, holding hands, massage and hugging.
In regards to strengthening yourself, feeling more confident in trust and safety with your surroundings or in a crowd, the work will be focused on creating your personal space and protection at all times. Feel good with yourself first, to feel good with others.
Breath-work will calm the nervous system down, calm the overthinking mind that creates a climate a fear, sound healing will deeply calm the subconscious and vibrations of the body,

massage will allow you to receive the physical healing and energy of touch and make you feel good in your own body.


Confidence issues

What can help? Breath-work, yoga, meditation

Breath-work will help calm the negative side of your mind, yoga will help straighten the physical body and regular practice will allow you to see your evolution and feel better within yourself; with pride. The meditation, affirmation and intention will remodel your mind into a very positive winner state of mind.

Chronic pain

What can help? Yoga, massage.
Chronic pains are mainly linked to stress they can appear as back pain, sciatica, stomach aches, urinary infections and so on.
Each part of your body from joints to organs are linked and triggered by specific emotions. Upper back - self doubt, lower back - finances, stomach - stress ...
It's always important to listen to your body and catch the trigger points. When found, your pain will lower at least 50%.
Yoga with specific exercises will help you manage the pain and reduce it at a physical level, massage will give an instant release and bring some well being and peace into the body.

Chronic stress pattern

What can help? Breath-work, meditation.
Constricted throat when talking in public, habit of coughing, eating your nails, touching your hair ...
When enough body awareness is created, it becomes easier to release from these habits, and recognise the trigger points.
Meditation will help you reach the emotions and sensations coming up in your body at this moment to understand the root cause. By understanding and being aware within your body you will gain control of yourself.
Breath work will help put you in a zone.

Anger issues

What can help? Sound Healing, breath-work.
Anger issues are linked to being unable to control your emotions and insecurities. Lack of awareness and reacting impulsively to your own emotions or others.
Breath-work helps calm the nervous system to control and balance your emotions. The sound healing will calm the nervous system to understand more where the unbalanced emotions are coming from.

Trauma and PTSD/CPTSD

What can help? Sound Healing, breath-work, meditation, yoga, massage.

Following a traumatic experience, the brain and body recondition themselves into a completely different mode. They recondition to be protected at all times. Your body is in an alert state to “get ready” in case of any type of attack.
This state creates extreme exhaustion linked to the senses being awakened at all times and a feeling of dissociation from your own body, for protection. Your body may have lived such a hard experience that your mind wishes to be away from it, and as a result, other protective physical symptoms may appear.
Traumatic experiences are to be taken very seriously, with all the care, time and attention needed. Yoga will help you feel grounded and create new roots towards this world and your physical body. Massages will give you peace and instant wellbeing, to give your brain dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin; allowing you to have a positive connection within yourself.
Meditation will create a self-awareness, will allow a reconnection with your body and identify your sensations.
Breath-work will rebalance the nervous system, the amount of oxygen into your body and brain and give some release to the muscles; that may often be tense and alert.
Sound Healing will slowly reopen the body to allow clarification into what is needed to be worked on, in your healing journey.

If you suffer from any of these issues, The Healing House can help you fix them.

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