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The Healing House

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Healing Starts Now.

The Healing House Philosophy

Creating an environment where you can heal. 

Giving a space for everyone to feel welcome included and understood.

A space and a presence that doesn’t judge, listen and where to feel safe.

Allowing the people to feel reconnected to each others and to themselves into a society who tries to divide us.


Let me introduce myself

I am Adele. Originally from France, I left Paris to travel the world and discover holistic medicinal practices. Starting with my Yoga Teacher Training in Bali, I continued with an Ayurvedic training in Sri Lanka, Masseuse certification in French Polynesia and Sound healer diploma in Mexico. I’m now back in Europe with the purpose of gathering people together to create healing and sharing communities. I’ve started this discovery journey to experiment life at its fullest, healing myself from past experience and getting a clearer vision of my life purposes.

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